The Future of Manufacturing

We provide a better way to create fashion

Innovative Tech Ecosystem

Our tech solutions provide alternatives that are better in terms of material waste, pollution, emissions, and even biodiversity.

On Demand Production

We produce only what we sell, eliminating deadstock and clearance sales. Zero Inventory = Zero Waste

Made To Measure

Our software tailors each order to our customer's own body measurements, offering a fit guarantee + reducing returns.

Nearshoring Of Production

It is part of our optimization objectives to nearshore production closer to our customers in local zones to reduce miles.

  • Tech Ecosystem
  • Made to order
  • made to measure
  • Nearshoring

taking less from the environment


shopping more sustainably

Made To Order

As a brand we hold a social responsibility to promote more sustainable consumption habits and as a business we don't want to overconsume.

Our on-demand business model means that we produce only what our customers order, leading to a more sustainable operation overall:

  • LESS FABRIC WASTE as nothing gets made until it is ordered, therefore we don't hold inventory to get rid of.

  • DECREASE IN RETURNS & EXCHANGES since the garments are made to your own body measurements.

  • ALLIEVATION OF POLLUTION thanks to the reductions in shipping and packaging, and therefore carbon emissions.

a new era of knitwear

3D Knitting

Our "Fashion x Art For Wildlife" Capsule is made with an advanced technique called 3D Knitting - a manufacturing technology that consists of knitting the garment three-dimensionally, as one entire piece - directly from the yarn.

In traditional knitwear, pieces are knit separately before being reassembled, cut, and sewn together, which creates offcuts and waste.

3D Knitting is a much more sustainable way of manufacturing as there is no cutting, no sewing, no waste. Plus there are no seams. The result? A lightweight, seamless garment, providing the highest quality and comfort.  

recycle & upcycle

Luxury Deadstock

Minimizing waste is at the core of our design process and we work with premium deadstock fabrics to give them a second life as part of some of our collections.

These limited quantities of materials would have been discarded or destroyed if it wasn’t recovered for use. We see these fabrics as environmental capital that can be beneficial from both a conscious and a creative perspective.



for a perfect fit

Made To Measure

Benefit from our online made-to-measure service available for our Legacy Collection. Supported by our body mapping technology, we bring the immersive boutique experience right to your screen and give you access to exclusive customization.

How do you like your clothes to fit? Our algorithms will match to your preferences or body measurements and your chosen styles will be tailored to you. Proven to be as accurate as a tailor measuring you by hand,  it ensures a flattering fit to any body type so that you feel not only comfortable but amazing too.

We go beyond the usual one-size/one-style-fits-all approach, and we make for anyone in any size.

Be your own model, wherever you are

Virtual Try On

We provide a unique, custom luxury experience at the cutting edge of interactive, experiential Retail for our Legacy Collection.

Our AR (Augmented Reality) tools give you the possibility to visualize the look and feel of your chosen clothes while providing reassurance they will fit you perfectly and match your expectations before you have them physically in your hands.

Our custom sizing and virtual dressing room offer a more personalized and seamless online shopping experience taking your journey to the next level and bringing the elevated in-store shopping experience to wherever you are.

Customizable design options


We offer you an online, bespoke "TREUN ATELIER" experience with a choice of design options available for our Legacy Collection.

Each garment can be tailored to your own preferences allowing you to weave your personal style and creativity into your clothes.

Stand out, express yourself, and have fun choosing between a variety of design options for every taste and that best represent you.