Luxury with a higher purpose


Treating the Planet as a Stakeholder

Sustainability is embedded into everything we do.


We made the decision early on to become a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we have a beneficial social and environmental purpose and meet increased levels of accountability and transparency. This acts as an anchor for us in all our endeavors, guiding our every decision. 

Certified Partners

We only source our products and materials with certified, ethical partners. We also seek to partner with like-minded organizations that are healing our planet, helping communities/people, and all living beings, building momentum, creativity, and enabling us to thrive in a culture of innovation.


Mapping our reason for existence, and working in a way where sustainability is a holistic endeavor, we treat every touchpoint as an opportunity to innovate - for both social and environmental impact. We develop our own proprietary materials, with circularity as a key driver in the design process. 


We use technology to facilitate our philanthropy and circularity missions. Digital IDs inside every product tell the journey from farm to fiber to fashion, provide accountability and transparency of the supply chain, & offer a path of what to do with the product after you’ve finished with it. 

community impact


We believe collective action and sharing with like-minded partners is essential to ensure our path to positive change and a better future for people, planet, and all living beings. 

We’re honored to collaborate with key industry partners who share our values and vision for change for making a genuine difference in the world.

Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations

We are proud and honored to be a member of the United Nations Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network, a division of the United Nations Office for Partnerships and Fashion Impact Fund. 

As such, we are committed to igniting action and driving change towards the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring everyone everywhere can live in dignity, prosperity, and peace on a safe and healthy planet. 

our commitment

regenerative agriculture

Land to Market

We are proud to be a member of Land to Market, the world’s first outcomes-based verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture. Most of the world’s soils are depleted and without a healthy soil, we cannot grow fashion's natural materials (or food) very effectively, or at all. 

As part of Land to Market, we’re part of a movement and community to bring regenerative agriculture to one billion acres by 2025 with tangible objectives to build soil health, sequester carbon, protect watersheds and restore biodiversity.  At that point, the world could see a tipping point to impact climate change at a significant level.


Fashion circularity

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We are part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community working towards a circular economy; One where we, by design, can eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature, creating a world that benefits people, business, and the natural world.  

Circularity is at the heart of our brand ethos, and a key driver in all our endeavors. It is our North Star for everything - including our digital design process, our developments of fabrics, packaging, and all materials, and finding solutions for the products’ afterlife, once our customers have finished using them. 

about the foundation

protecting ancient forests


TREUN has joined Canopy, a global environmental not-for-profit organization whose mission is to protect the world’s forests, species, and climate, and to help advance indigenous communities’ rights by working hand in hand with companies from around the globe to transform unsustainable supply chains. 

As such, we are committed to protect forests through our paper, packaging and fabrics choices. Every year 3.4 billion trees are cut down to make paper packaging and fabrics. Many of these trees come from the world’s most Ancient and Endangered Forests, integral for life on Earth.  Canopy works to change that to catalyze innovative solutions, and keep the world’s vital forests standing. 

CanopyStyle and Pack4Good Policy 

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