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circular by design

From Nature, Back to Nature

We at TREUN are committed to a circular design system. Circularity offers a new way of making us all rethink how we use, produce, and consume fashion.

We strive to apply the three defining principles of the circular economy:

  1. Eliminate waste and pollution
  2. Circulate products and materials
  3. Regenerate nature

We look through this lens with all of our product development, including our fabrics and our packaging. 

Using circularity as a key driver in our design process, we look to create new fabrics that have a reason to exist (different from what others already offer), come from nature, and can go back to nature - after you are finished with your treasured garment. A digital ID inside your Treun garment will provide you with a path of what to do with your garment at the end of its use. 

conscious luxury



Legacy Collection

Developed using the most luxurious yarns then exquisitely knit into our Legacy Cloth Collection of fabrics with our partner mills in Scotland and Italy, we are over the top excited to debut our TREUN Legacy Collection, in fabric blends never before seen… coming soon!


Treun x Wild Earth Oceania

For this capsule in support of wildlife at risk of extinction, we have selected a blend using LENZING™ ECOVERO™, a low environmental impact fiber. This wood-based and biodegradable fiber is derived from FSC-certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible process, and certified with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel.

Designer end-run fabrics

Renewed Life

As part of our commitment to creating a more circular fashion system, we’re working to source, create, and repurpose materials. 

We will be debuting our RENEWED LIFE platform soon.

Stay tuned!

low impact


Biodegradable & recyclable

Nature-Based Solutions

We are fighting back against single-use plastic with advanced packaging solutions made from seaweed and plants or other natural materials that disappear naturally, leaving nothing behind.

Replacing poly bags (those clear plastic bags your garments typically come in), we are using a recycled and recyclable alternative made from 100%  FSC-certified paper; They are transparent enough for product visibility and are naturally biodegradable.

Our shipping mailers are currently made of 100% recycled paper and are recyclable.

Always looking to improve, we are looking at more next-generation innovative packaging materials for our future TREUN launches that will also naturally disappear.

Earth Prize Winner

Notpla Seaweed Paper

Our paper is made from sustainably sourced SEAWEED; one of nature’s most renewable resources. Disappearing naturally, leaving nothing behind, this sustainable paper further propels us forward in driving a circular economy.

By utilizing seaweed by-product, an industrial waste stream, our manufacturing partner, Notpla, winner of the Earth Prize, is harnessing the regenerative power of seaweed. A marvel in technology, the production process ensures nothing gets wasted and reduces the pressure on our forests.

We are using this paper for our hangtags and other paper packaging. Wonderfully tactile, 100% natural, and synthetic-free, its origin and impact are expressed through the purity and captivating aesthetic of the paper.