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TREUN is thrilled to announce a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Wild Earth Oceania, Australia's first-ever International Wildlife Film Festival and Convention.

The unique “Fashion x Art for Wildlife” collaboration is entirely dedicated to help recover all species from threatened extinction in Australia and globally.

TREUN collaborated with Wild Earth Oceania and their Lead Scientist, Dr Stephen Ambrose specialising in ecology and conservation to create an exclusive collection of 10 paintings providing a unique and exciting creative backdrop to the fashion capsule.

artist spotlight

Kiril Jeliazkov

The original art collection of 10 paintings created by TREUN’s resident artist and world-renowned painter, Kiril Jeliazkov is titled “Love Generates Love” and includes colorful portraits of 10 endangered animal species unique to Australia such as the iconic Koala, Great Hammerhead Shark, Grassland Earless Dragon, or Orange-Bellied Parrot.

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The artist's dynamic brushstrokes and vivid color palette inspired the choice of ten colors for the fashion capsule, each one named after the wildlife listed as endangered in Australia.

Koala Brown

This color is inspired by the Koala. Loved worldwide, it became listed as endangered by the Australian Government in 2022 following the Black Summer Bushfires. 

Cockatoo Black

Intelligent birds with engaging personalities, a Glossy Black Cockatoo population listed as Endangered still occurs on offshore Kangaroo Island.

Numbat Ecru

A small marsupial endemic to southern Australian woodlands and a close cousin of the Tasmanian Tiger, less than 1,000 numbats are left in the wild.

Turtle Navy

Named after the Western Swamp Turtle, this freshwater species is critically-endangered and found only in a small number of wetlands around Perth, Western Australia.

Butterfly Pink

The Purple Copper Butterfly is one of Australia’s rarest butterfly species, very beautiful with purple, bronze and green iridescent shades, listed as endangered.

Frog Crimson

The spectacularly-colored red-and-yellow mountain frog is endemic to eastern Australia. Found only in the mountainous rainforest regions, they're dubbed as climate refugees.

Rainbowfish Blue

The Daintree Rainbowfish is a unique Australian freshwater species listed as Critically Endangered with 150 individuals estimated to be left in the wild.

Shark Charcoal

The Great Hammerhead Shark is known for its unique elongated head shape, with an eye at the end of each hammer. It can be found in coastal waters all around Australia.

Dragon Loden

The Grassland Earless Dragon is a small lizard listed as Critically Endangered. It has been identified as the most at risk of all lizard and snake species in Australia.

Parrot Grey

The Orange-Bellied Parrot is endemic to southern Australia and the most endangered bird species in the world with only 74 wild individuals in early 2023.

from art to fashion

Sustainable Details

Each canvas used to create the paintings was made with a denim fabric using Renewcell Circulose®, a new and innovative sustainable fibre made with 100% recycled textiles and specially treated to be Artist Grade by B Corp AGI Denim / gallery@, ensuring archival quality.

The same sustainable fabric was also used to create an interactive patch embellishment for the T-Shirt and Hoodie. Featuring a QR code, it will lead you to learn about the whole “Fashion x Art for Wildlife” collaboration. A great conversation starter when you’re out and about with friends!

about Wild Earth Oceania

Our Partner

Wild Earth Oceania was born after the Australian Bushfires of 2019/2020 as a response to the catastrophic effects on wildlife and biodiversity, also emphasizing climate change as a new exponential threat.

Indeed, in addition to well-known threats to wildlife such as habitat loss, pollution, use of pesticides, and predation and competition from invasive species, human-forced climate change has become a significant threat to global biodiversity in recent times too, with many animals earning the new title of “Wildlife Climate Refugees”. Its impacts will  become more significant in the future unless we take appropriate action.

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In support of wildlife

Acquittal of Funds

TREUN’s “Fashion x Art for Wildlife” Impact Program aims to support WEO’s local and global efforts to educate about how we can manage the global environment more sustainably through the power of film and implement active conservation programs that assist the recovery of species and their habitats. 

Wild Earth Oceania are a social enterprise acquitting their funds through a Wildlife Grant Scheme, administrated through their Scientific Committee to where they see maximum impact in minimum time frame focused on recovering species from threatened extinction.

They also reserve a portion of their funds to support Film Directors and Producers to continue to tell the stories that need to be told.